At Niederman Insurance Agency we know about lifes unexpected events.  Accidents happen. And when they do, they are ften followed by a series of bills. Your Major medical insurance plan will only pay for so much. This leaves the injured stuck with hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars in out-of-pocket fees and expenses. Purchasing a supplemental accident insurance policy can help defray some of these costs.

What Are Some of the benfits?
  • Coverage begins immediately.
  • You have 24/7 protection that covers you wherever you go.
  • Benefits are paid directly to you, not your healthcare provider.
  • You receive a monthly cash benefit.
  • Money can be used to pay for multiple obligations including everyday living expenses.
  • There is no penalty for claims. A reduction in benefits does not occur because of the number of claims issued.
  • You own the policy. It will follow you even if you change employers.
  • There is no coordination with major medical insurance. Policies pay benefits related to accidents regardless of other health coverage.
  • There are no network restrictions. You may access any hospital or physician.
  • Premiums do not increase with age.

If you or your children play sports, particiapte in outdoor activities, these policies are a must have.